Freelancing Writing Sites: A quick review

girl writingThis was actually originally prepared as an email to a friend who is interested in freelancing.  I thought I would extend the circle of people who might be interested in my experiences.

There are multiple ways to freelance write and edit.  SInce I just started out, I created profiles on the following sites, and submitted proposals.  I wouldn’t take any job that doesn’t pay at the minimum 10 cents a word for writing new content, or 5 cents a word for editing.  Believe me, the amount of time it will take to do either isn’t worth it if you aren’t working for at the very least those rates.

I have had the most luck on the two following sites:  This is my favorite places to find freelance projects.  I have had repeat work on this site, and the most interest when I submit proposals.   This site seems to have clients willing to pay higher rates for quality work from native English speakers.  Its easy to use and the site I definitely use the most.  I really like this site, because you can write an article about whatever you want and put it up for sale.  You can also submit articles to people who are requesting content, which I do occasionally, but mostly I just write an article about whatever I want and then post it.  I have sold articles both ways, for requested content and just me posting an article.  They have editors who will go over your work with a fine tooth comb before it is posted up because they have very high quality standards.  Everything must be written in third person, not blog style.  I like that.

The only drawback with Constant-Content is that they take 35% of the profit of every article sold, which is hefty.   However, it’s a great place to post articles that you have written and are not sure what to do with, and that you cannot find a market for currently.  If it can be written about, there is someone looking to buy that content.

These are other freelance sites I don’t use as much, but I have accounts on them.

Elance:   This is the biggest freelance site in the world, and honestly, it is terribly oversaturated with people working for 2 dollars an hour and creating really crappy work at cheap rates.  Most the projects here pay shitty.  I have basically stopped using this site.

Guru: This is an OK site.  Clients seem to want to pay decent rates, but honestly I haven’t gotten any jobs from this site.

Textbroker:   I have an account but I haven’t finished it yet

All these sites have stuff besides writing and editing work, except constantcontent.  Like typing, graphic design, accounting etc.





2 thoughts on “Freelancing Writing Sites: A quick review

    1. 🙂 I am glad someone has had a good experience on Elance. To each his own, I suppose!

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