Coping with Loss…The Loss of a Match Tiebreak

tennis wallpaperThere is nothing much worse in life than losing a 3rd set tiebreak. Okay, that was melodramatic. There are thousands of things much, much worse than losing a tennis game at the club level. Ebola, cancer, the death of a loved one, starvation, obesity, diabetes, homelessness, child abuse…good, I am back into perspective again.

What I hate about the game that I played the other night, is that we should have won that game. My partner and I have played together before, although it had been awhile. We had a few communication problems, and slower reaction time than I think we would have had if we had played together recently, but we won 6-2 in the first set. And then…and then we just lost it. I got cocky—I would like to say confident, but I got overly confident, which means cocky. I thought we had it, so I relaxed, my partner relaxed, and we lost the game. I should know better by now, 3+ years into tennis.

I am just upset because I had such a great summer season. I played 10 games and lost 2 of them. I lost 2 games out of 10! That’s some awesome record. Then, I lose my first game of the fall season. In a tiebreak. In a game I should have won, had I been mentally less lax.

I have a game tomorrow as well, and I am trying to not let this loss color my next game. I have a day space in between to put it out of my mind, and focus on other aspects of my life. I know it is a minor setback in life, but…it is something I find important. Well, I am getting my hair done tomorrow, so maybe it will give me a boost of confidence… but hopefully not to much confidence!

2 thoughts on “Coping with Loss…The Loss of a Match Tiebreak

  1. In my experience I have found that the best players have a mentality focused on winning and not losing. Losses happen all the time, in fact you can be top 20 in the world and still win less than 50% of your matches. Each match is an opportunity for a win. Focusing on that will help you to stay on top mentally and produce better tennis under pressure. Have a short memory regarding your losses but stay focused on what you need to do to win!

    1. Thanks! Those truly are words of wisdom and I will take them into my next match 🙂

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