Productive Weekends

I finished and edited four short fiction stories last year, and I felt like they were finally ready for submission today.  I submitted three of the four to different magazines, earlier tonight.  The fourth I am still researching an appropriate place to submit to.

I am super happy (here is a picture of me being super happy at a Ellie Goulding concert, which is basically how I feel right now)IMG_1008 1 that I am trying to find a market for my work.  I am also ready for probable rejection.  Does this make me a pessimist or a realist?   I read somewhere that most published stories have an average of 27 rejections before publication.  So, I am basically prepared to spend the next year getting rejected and resubmitting work.  And if it gets accepted the first or second time? Frigging sweet!  I beat the bell curve.

I have also almost completed 2 more longer short stories/ short novellas.  I am not sure what the final word count will be when these respective stories are complete.  I try not to worry about word count or market while the story remains incomplete.  I do like to keep tabs on how many words I write a week.  I calculate on a weekly basis, because I don’t write every day, but I try to get at a minimum 10,000 words a month. I do a lot of writing on the weekends, since I have a 9-5 at the moment.  I always meet or exceed that 10,000 word goal, since I got serious about writing again in 2013.

Happy writing, and wish me luck!  How cool would it be to finally see one of my fiction works in print?!?!?


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