The Kindest Rejection Letter

I mentioned in a previous post I had completed and submitted some short stories recently.  I received an email regarding one of them this morning, and I have to say, it is the nicest letter I have ever gotten.  Here is part of it below:

“Thank you for giving me a chance to read “My Lover Has a Heart of Stone.” I liked the voice of this, and thought the writing was effective, but unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of story I’m looking for right now. I’m going to pass, but I wish you best of luck finding the right market for it. You may want to try searching for erotica markets with a speculative fiction slant at:”

Although it was a rejection, it was very kind.  It reminded me to always be kind, because of how much I appreciated this editor’s kindness to an unknown writer.

Now, to go check out this other avenue for my work this editor suggested.






4 thoughts on “The Kindest Rejection Letter

  1. That’s a very encouraging rejection. The most important thing is that the only “mistake” was the choice of the magazine and not the story itself. As far as rejections go, that’s probably the best a writer can get.

  2. No shame in rejection letters. Did you know that John Grisham’s “A Time to Kill” was rejected 45 times before it was accepted?

    1. Wow! I read somewhere that most published stories have an average of 20 something rejections, so I am approximately 1/20th of my way to being published!

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