No, the title is not an ode to terrible copy editing.  It is my blurb-word (made up word) to remind myself to keep it simple in my writing.  If I get bogged down with a scene or bit of dialogue, I LOVE to excessively adjectavize: i.e. use to many freaking adjectives.  But not today.  Today my dialogue will … More Adjectavizing

Handy Dandy Submission Guideline Database

Useful and easy to navigate submission guideline database. I use this when I am searching for a market for one of my short stories.  This database saves me the trouble of going to every single magazine or e-zine site individually and finding their submission guidelines.  It is updated periodically, and an excellent tool for freelance writers. Submission … More Handy Dandy Submission Guideline Database

Word Counts!

I love obsessing about word counts. I guess it seems to me a quantifiable way to measure my productivity.  Plus, if the words are there, then the editing naturally follows, and then maybe something someone would want to read!  In that vein, here is another article about average word counts for different genres, from … More Word Counts!