Differing Levels of Production

Some days, the words just flow out of my fingers, thousands of them, before I even realize it.  The only things that shake me out of my writing reverie are my aching wrists, or pressure on my bladder.  Saturdays are the best for this.  I generally have the house to myself; my husband is usually at work and my stepson is at his mothers.

Other days, the words barely come.  It takes me six hours to write two paragraphs.  I get up and down from my desk, I make coffee, I play an online card game.  I look at Facebook and judge the things people post.  I check my email for the hundreth time, I check my bank account, I check my other email, I read the news.  I read other peoples blogs.

These days are good as well.  Maybe the restlessness and lack of focus is telling me I need to take time to do something else.  So I let myself do these things sometimes. Because when I am able to focus again, I am much more productive and words flow out of my fingertips smoothly again.




2 thoughts on “Differing Levels of Production

  1. I do the same sometimes. I’ll social media for 30 mins, get it out my system and crack on with writing.
    then the ‘reward’ later on is to check my social media again.

    1. Exactly. Sometimes I think I may need one of those productivity apps that block social media (and other things you ask it to), but I think I am doing OK so far.

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