Handy Dandy Submission Guideline Database

Useful and easy to navigate submission guideline database. I use this when I am searching for a market for one of my short stories.  This database saves me the trouble of going to every single magazine or e-zine site individually and finding their submission guidelines.  It is updated periodically, and an excellent tool for freelance writers.

Submission Guideline Database

6 thoughts on “Handy Dandy Submission Guideline Database

  1. This database might be the single most useful thing I’ve ever found on a blog. I have been thinking seriously about submitting some of my fantasy/sci-fi fiction. Now I have a much easier way to find possible submission locations without having to chase them all over the internet. So thanks a bunch!

    1. I have submitted to some of the places, and all have been legit, in that I received responses. No yes responses yet, but not just silence, and not just a form letter saying “This is not for us.” Good luck, I am sure you will find a home for your stuff with a lot of persistence and little bit of timing and luck!

      1. Gonna have to develop a thick skin I think. I’m a little bit sensitive about the quality of my work. But hopefully, even if I’m rejected a hundred times, one day I’ll get lucky. And hopefully you will as well 🙂

      2. I always tell myself and my writerly friends “It takes an average of 27 rejections before a story is published.” It’s like my rejection mantra 🙂 I am not sure where I first read or heard that, or even if it is completely true, but it helps me remain philosophical about the rejections, so who cares?

      3. Good advice to give. Seems like I have heard something along those lines before. Now just to write something I think is worthy of release into the wild.

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