No, the title is not an ode to terrible copy editing.  It is my blurb-word (made up word) to remind myself to keep it simple in my writing.  If I get bogged down with a scene or bit of dialogue, I LOVE to excessively adjectavize: i.e. use to many freaking adjectives.  But not today.  Today my dialogue will be crisp and sparkly.


2 thoughts on “Adjectavizing

  1. I usually go through a first draft and use as many freaking adjectives as I want. Then during revising, I go through and take most of them out, and try to make the sentence stronger with better nouns and verbs.

    1. Also an excellent strategy! I have been trying to focus on crisper writing, but if the words are flowing particularly well, I will sometimes give myself “adjectavizing license.”

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