Looking for Crime Thrillers to Read?

I am always looking for good, suspenseful, economical thrillers to read.  Below are links to some authors I have enjoyed lately.   All were discovered via Amazon Kindle.


I read and enjoyed her first book, Never Smile at Strangers.  Will probably pick up the next one when I am again in the mood for a small town psychological thriller.



Devoured all four of these police procedural mystery novels.  Only complaint is attraction between main characters seems very contrived and forced.  Stories themselves are intriguing and fast paced.



The Art of Staying Dead had a unique voice and plot; yet familiar enough for lovers of the genre.  Entertaining and recommended



Slightly different genre here, romantic suspense.  However, most of the focus in the book I read, Vanished, was on the crime committed.  I didn’t mind the romance as it fit into the story.  I also enjoyed the slower pacing of the novel.


Any recommendations on authors I have missed?  I have a Kindle Unlimited Account  (after months of agonizing over the value, price, were the authors being taken advantage of, etc.) so I am particularly interested in good books that are available through that service.  Cheers, and happy reading!





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