Can You Help Launch #DistressSignals?

I am not in the Ireland or UK but enjoy her writing! If you are in the UK or Ireland, check out her awesome goody bag you could win just for having FUN! And EVERYONE likes fun, right?!??!


So today I have two questions for you: do you like free stuff and can you help me launch Distress Signals? (Imagine me now making this face.)

I’m looking for bloggers based in Ireland and the UK who might want me to:

  1. Do a Q&A
  2. Write a guest post
  3. Something else they can think of it because those are basically my two ideas

that they can then post on their blog or website on any date during the month of May. (Distress Signals is out May 5.) Everyone who participates will get their name scribbled down on a Post-It and all those Post-Its will go into a hat or other some bowl-shaped object so I can pick one out, and the person I pick out will get aDistress Signals Reading Kit, pictured below.


This will include lots of lovely treats for you to enjoy while you read Distress…

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