The Endless War (Short Fiction)


“GET DOWN!” Another Chaos ship was attempting to teleport, so it could drop its hordes of troops. Again (praise Emperor!) the electricity arc repelled them and sent them back to the hell that they kept coming from.

In this last bastion of human technology, the Marines were making their stand against Chaos. The Chrome was an ordered and rational place, every piece precisely engineered for defense. It had to be, in this constant war that the present had become. As a sniper, he was part of this efficiency, the first line of the last defense. His troop occupied tactical positions surrounding the landing pad, prime placement to destroy any bugs whose ships managed to penetrate their bolstered defenses.

His name didn’t matter. His past didn’t matter. His future was certain death. All that mattered was defending The Chrome, so Chaos could not prevail.

“BRACE YOURSELVES!” The arc appeared again, streaming out of the turret, and then fizzled, sputtered, and the sky went dark. The ArcNode had finally failed. The bugs streamed out of their ship hovering over the landing field, and his squadron fired, he fired over and over and over again, but there were to many, too many spawn and too fewimage marines and they were being overrun they were overrun and he was fading out….


“DAMMIT! Did you have to use the new army? My old army is obsolete’!” AJ exclaimed.

“Then I guess it’s time to paint some more minis.” Tom smirked.

“Or for me to quit playing you.” AJ retorted.

“HA! You can’t resist. You going to the tournament?” Their voices faded as they gathered up their armies and headed out of the game store into the hot summer night.

The owner breathed a sigh of relief and turned the sign to “Closed”.

9 thoughts on “The Endless War (Short Fiction)

  1. Can totally see the tabletop inspiration. It was such a riveting story. Loved it!

      1. You’re most welcome! Enjoying reading some of your work right now.

      2. Always try to read several things by new writers I find. Do unto others and all that 🙂

      3. Rebecca it was a riveting fictional story. Keep it up gal! It was a short burst of adrenaline… lol left me wanting more by the end of it. I’ll definitely check out the rest of the site.

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