My New BookBub Script

Book graphic extraction 1 copyI recently started using BookBub, an online (free to use)  service that alerts you to special discounts on books.  I have used it only for e-books.   I recently read a post about the experience of the first time using BookBub as an author. It made me eager to try it as a reader, hoping to discover some  new authors.  Also, I wanted to see how it works from a marketing perspective for when I enter the murky world of publishing

I have to say, I am enjoying it.  I keep myself on a pretty strict budget, so it takes self control to not buy half the specials that come to my email.   I tried out a free novel from an author new to me, Liliana Hart.  I ended up buying a 4.99 E-book from her 2 days later, because I enjoyed her writing and wanted to see what was going on with her characters.  And I will probably buy more, (dammit @ that price tag, but I am hooked).

So yea, I think the BookBub is a good marketing tool.

Since I found BookBub, I have not been posting or writing very much because I have been voraciously reading.  To attempt to control my hemorrhage of time, I have not checked my BookBub emails in 4 days, choosing to limit myself to only looking at the Tuesday or Saturday deals.  (Arbitrarily chosen days).  Now, since it is Saturday, excuse me while I go do some “research”.

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