One Day to Rule them All

My Dad, a much more seasoned Tolkien lover than I, sent me the following link at 6 AM.  (He gets up earlier than I do).

The day of my birth is quite possibly the most exciting day in Middle Earth history.  The death of Gollum and the destruction of the One Ring, the death of Sauron and his armies, and the rescue of the hobbits Frodo and Sam from the destruction of Mordor– all happened on March 25.

Makes me feel better about the inevitable aging reminder at the end of every March.  Thanks Dad!

Despite all the problems Tolkien had from a modernist perspective, I still read and loved his books at a young age, and I was hooked on epic fantasy. This love has never left me.  Middle Earth holds a special place in my heart, and probably the heart of all fantasy lovers.

Now that I realize my birthday coincides with the most important day in Middle Earth history, it makes sense.  I was fated to love fantasy.

And one day, I really am going to celebrate my birthday hobbit style with presents for all!  This year I am celebrating semi-hobbit style, with epic mountain hiking.  Thankfully, the fate of the world is not at stake– this time.

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