Writing is the Easy Part

Writing a book or story, while not as easy as the title would imply, is definitely the fun part. The work is in editing and rewriting, composing query letters/synopsis pages/ blurbs, researching agents and editors, investigating traditional versus self-publishing routes, marketing your work, finding beta readers…. that’s the real meat of the work of being any sort of writer.  Writing is fun… getting your writing to an audience is the work.

9 thoughts on “Writing is the Easy Part

  1. I think following through with the not-so-fun stuff of editing and marketing is what separates the “writers” from the “authors”. I’m not there yet, but working on it.

    1. Good point. I’m going to post that somewhere to remind myself when I get discouraged doing the not so fun stuff. “Editing and marketing separates the writers from the authors.”

      1. I’ll try that.
        I get into the editing mindset which is great, but then that gets me out the creative mindset, not so great. Concentrating on one project helps though.

      2. I’ve read some people like to switch between projects when one gets to stale. I can’t do that as well as some. I can handle exactly 2 projects at a time.

  2. Yes the marketing aspect of writing is the Writer’s nightmare. Not the writing itself. The editing is no picnic either.

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