What Writers Can Learn From Ira Glass #writers #amwriting

Lovely post from one of my favorite bloggers. Check out her page, she is quite funny. 🙂


The 5 Stages of Not Ditching Your Draft Novel

Below is a quote from Ira Glass which has really resonated with me. Ira Glass is an American public radio personality and the host and producer of a TV show.

Lately I have been doubting my writing strategy of simply writing as much as I can. Thousands and thousands of words. Every time I write I know that it is ok but it feels like it’s falling short / not quite there yet. So I pull my stories apart and look at what didn’t work. To date I have had various issues with plots, lifeless characters, conflict and story arcs. I then start writing again. This is how I learn.

People think I am nuts. This year alone I have clocked up 65k words. This strategy is hard, punishing and at times makes me question myself.

I read this quote and everything fell into place.

Nobody tells this to people…

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5 thoughts on “What Writers Can Learn From Ira Glass #writers #amwriting

  1. I’ve felt the “gap” for a long time, and will probably continue to feel it for a long time. But slowly, slowly, the gap narrows just a bit with every word I write. Will the gap ever disappear? The only way to find out is to keep writing.

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