Three Top Tips to Prepare for a Writers Conference

I am going to my first writers conference in July (Squee!) and then my first mystery novel writers/readers conference in September (Double Squee!). When I decide to do something, I of course overdo it and throw myself into it 150%, get burned out, and then want to curl up in a tiny ball in my bed for a week to recover from my overcommitment, over-enthusiasm and general over-zealousness.

In keeping with the overzealous tradition, I have read about 10,822 articles and blog posts on “How to prepare for/ What to expect from a Writing Conference.” Naturally, this extensive research has made me an expert on preparing for Writing Conferences, so I decided to write my own abbreviated how-to guide. Behold! My three top tips to prepare for a Writing Conference.

  1. Actually having written something. And I mean something beyond your phone number on the credit card bill for the cute waiter or waitress who served you and all your new writer friends after the conference day ended. Something like a manuscript. A short story. An article about writing conferences A poem. Even a love poem penned to aforementioned cute waiter or waitress.
  2. Having a personality that allows you to interact in real life situations. This one is underrated for authors and writers in general. Try to remember to smile (and show your teeth!), ask people about themselves, and listen. Spoke when spoken to, and try to laugh at everyones jokes, even the unfunny ones. Especially the unfunny ones that no one else laughs at. A good way to make a fast friend.
  3. Bring a business card. Preferably, a business card that is your own. A business card about being an author, not a pirate or a racecar driver. Or a comedian. Or basically anything but being an author. Maybe throw something on there about the type of stuff you write. At the very least, put your name, email, and website. Pictures are suggested for business cards.

Here are some links to some maybe more informative articles. Maybe.

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