The Authentic Author

Writing a novel is fun and exciting. Editing a novel is usually tedious and headache inducing, at leas for me.

And then there is the rewrite.

I’ve been COMPLETELY rewriting my manuscript for my first SWTF book, changing a lot of stuff. Basically, what is left is the core story and the characters. It has been a fascinating, frustrating, embarrassing and “rewording” process. I’ve completely rewritten scenes. I’ve thrown out entire scenes and chapters, and added new ones. (Side Note: The thrown out ones go to another file to possibly use in future projects, of course. Never completely get rid of anything you create, no matter how bad you think it is.)

This rewrite has made me feel something I have not ever felt before: authentic. Like I truly am an author, albeit an unpublished one. I don’t know if it’s the commitment, the willingness to slash entire paragraphs and swaths of dialogues, the joy in finding better ways to express ideas and tell a story– whatever it is, I feel legit. I AM legit.

3 thoughts on “The Authentic Author

  1. Legitimacy reached 🙂 Congrats. It’s a real process getting those rewrites out the way.
    ‘Never completely get rid of anything you create’ – couldn’t agree more. And the more I write, the more I like tackling old ideas and half completed works.

    1. I love coming back to something I had written before after letting it sit for awhile. I can see it in a new light and almost always improve it.

      It’s a long process, and fun in a more restrained and calculated manner than the initial outpouring of ideas and words. It’s like fun with a purpose

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