Post Oscars Musings

The 2017 Oscars:  All you Ever Needed to Know

First off, Stockholm Syndrome in Space should have never been nominated for anything.  That was literally the worst, watching Chris Pratt of pudgy Parks and Rec fame spiral slowly into madness.    I think the actual movie name was Riders or Passengers or Trans-Commuters.

Fences.  I just don’t know that we need another movie about sports segregation, or sports period.   Unless it is a movie about the Williams Sisters, I would watch that every day for 100 years straight.  We all know that a real thing that black men are often encouraged to do is play college ball, oftentimes at the expense of their education.  There has been this whole Ponzi scheme built on this premise, but we all know who is making the money and staying out of debt, and it isn’t the college players.  Also, only 2% of college players make it pro and make a salary.  Let’s not pander to that.

Suicide Squad.  Really.  That was nominated and won…. something, I am assuming most disturbing title.

THE MOVIE THAT WON: Moonlight.  A tragic and triumphant tale of a troubled black youth living in urban poverty, and the struggle he had to overcome it.  Inspiring, uplifting… dangerous?  Troubled black youth in America don’t get to screw up like troubled white youth.  This story plays out every day, only that kid ended up in prison at 16, making hats and Starbucks paraphernalia for 55 cents an hour, which are sold at a bazillion percent profit*, as part of his “reform”.

THE MOVIE THAT SHOULD HAVE WON:  Hidden Figures.  Institutional sexism and racism, income and education disparities combined with brilliant, shining, women being an integral part of a “man’s” world.  I thought the Oscars were supposed to be about groundbreaking cinematic achievements, combined with politico-social and historical realities and perspectives.  But, I also thought that J Law movie, where the previews made her seem like a gangster, but the movie turned out to be about her making mops and other home improvement objects, should have won an Oscar to.  Joy So maybe, I don’t know, I like movies about women doing things?

Well, at least that movie about war didn’t win.  Saving the Private Parts of our American Soldiers?  Wasn’t that the title?

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