Writing is the Easy Part

Writing a book or story, while not as easy as the title would imply, is definitely the fun part. The work is in editing and rewriting, composing query letters/synopsis pages/ blurbs, researching agents and editors, investigating traditional versus self-publishing routes, marketing your work, finding beta readers…. that’s the real meat of the work of being any sort … More Writing is the Easy Part


No, the title is not an ode to terrible copy editing.  It is my blurb-word (made up word) to remind myself to keep it simple in my writing.  If I get bogged down with a scene or bit of dialogue, I LOVE to excessively adjectavize: i.e. use to many freaking adjectives.  But not today.  Today my dialogue will … More Adjectavizing

Productive Weekends

I finished and edited four short fiction stories last year, and I felt like they were finally ready for submission today.  I submitted three of the four to different magazines, earlier tonight.  The fourth I am still researching an appropriate place to submit to. I am super happy (here is a picture of me being … More Productive Weekends

My Raleigh

The universe has a way of providing what we ask for. When I was in my mid 20s, I really wanted a blue, Raleigh brand bike. I was fixated on the idea of this bike. I could see it in my mind, a powder blue beauty, me smiling and laughing in the sun as I … More My Raleigh