The Murky Story Bog

Thinking about writing your novel way more than actually writing it? Also known as the sophomore slump, the 35k-45k word drag, the “you’ve lost that loving feeling” phase of any story crafting, this monster loves showing up during a long haul story. You still think your manuscript is good, but you don’t want to spend … More The Murky Story Bog

First Draft Complete

First Draft of my current Mystery Novel is DONE on this day, March 28, 2016 @ 2208.  And I am exhausted and going to bed. *I know the timestamp says 3/29/16— my computer is 3 hours ahead of me.*


No, the title is not an ode to terrible copy editing.  It is my blurb-word (made up word) to remind myself to keep it simple in my writing.  If I get bogged down with a scene or bit of dialogue, I LOVE to excessively adjectavize: i.e. use to many freaking adjectives.  But not today.  Today my dialogue will … More Adjectavizing